Sunday 10 January 2016

Hypnobirthing courses woking surrey

A recent satisfied customer had this to say about her Hypnobirthing experience and she only took the course 4 weeks before the birth!- I'm now taking bookings for a February course see

" After finishing the course I  developed gestational diabetes so they were planning to induce me at 38 weeks. When we got there I was already 2cm dilated so they said they would break my waters that evening when the delivery suite was less busy.
Throughout the day I had some mild pains and practised breathing through them and stayed very calm and relaxed.
When we got to the delivery suite I was about 3cm and they broke my waters and assured me that nothing would happen and I would need a drip. The baby had done a poo inside and so from then on I had to stay on the bed with limited positions because of the monitoring.
However Within about half an hour of my waters being broken I was having regular surges Every time I got comfortable the midwife would need me to move to try and check the heartbeat but by the end of the two hours it was obvious I didn't need the oxytocin drip and the midwife and Tom told me I had no choice but to breathe so Tom breathed with me. My mum arrived about 9 30pm and was amazed with how calm I was as by 10pm I was already 6 cms- We couldn't believe it! We just did the breathing every time a surge came. I didn't like using the gas an air.

The midwife checked me again at 2am and said I was ready to go as I was now 10cms but I rested for an hour and then I pushed and he was born at 3 47 weighing 8 pounds 2oz
I only had a graze that needed a couple of stitches.

Looking back I couldn't be happier with how it went. I wasn't  able to use my hypnobirthing techniques to their full extent due to the monitoring but I know I wouldn't have made it without the techniques we learnt and I wouldn't have been so calm about the induction.

Thank you Mandy!

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