Tuesday 16 September 2014

why choose HypnoBirthing ?

A 10 hour Course with fit2drop.net is now offered at £150 - cheaper than other birthing programmes eg NCT and covering far more content than NHS classes. (generally 3-5 hours in total) The minimum number per group is 4 couples thus providing similar networking opportunities with other local like-minded people to support you during your parenting journey. I also run post-natal support groups, exercise classes and baby massage classes to encourage clients to meet up after the birth. This has been shown to reduce the occurrence of post-natal depression.

As summized by a recent study in Hypnobirthing in Australia  (Phillips-Moore 2012) :

  • Hypnobirthing is a natural alternative way of approaching the later stages of pregnancy and birth and is steadily increasing in popularity.
  • To a large extent, western civilization and culture have influenced the way a woman thinks of childbirth and because of this, fear and anxiety concerning labour were introduced.
  • The fear of birth is reduced by explaining the birth process to the woman and teaching her how to work with her body. The mother-to-be is trained in mental rehearsal and imagery to prepare for the labour and birth, and is taught self-hypnosis and relaxation as well as breathing techniques to assist in the birthing process
  • Her study of women who had taken a Hypnobirthing course demonstrated a reduction in pain or discomfort during birth, a reduction in pain medication, shorter labours, fewer c.sections, high apgar scores (condition of the baby at birth) and less post-natal depression.
  • The majority of her women reported feeling more confident, relaxed, less fearful, focused and more in control. They also commented on the ease and comfort of labour and birth, and the satisfaction of having their partners involved and supportive.
My courses are fun, informative ( I have been a midwife for 23 years) interactive and affordable. There are payment schemes to spread out payments, reductions for introducing other couples who sign up, or for hosting sessions at week-ends ( when my home is full of teens !) Sessions are flexible and planned around the group's needs ie start /end times, avoiding weeks when couples are on holiday, no set week day eves etc

Please contact me for further details mandy_mole@hotmail.com or 07878549941

Friday 5 September 2014

new low cost Hypnobirthing classes this Autumn

I have decided to reduce the price of my group HypnoBirthing classes til December as a special promotion so long as 4 couples apply. For ONLY £150 ( normally £250) you get a full 4 week course of Katharine Graves Hypnobirthing held on week day nights (sun, mon, tues or thurs- whichever suits group members) in my home in Bisley, Woking Surrey. (close to junction 3 of the M3 so easy distance from the M3 corridor west Berkshire and West Surrey)

Classes may be taken any time after the 20 week scan but preferrably started by 34 weeks
Further details can be found on my website.www.fit2drop.net

Tuesday 2 September 2014

new class for mums starting in Woking Surrey in september

I am proud to announce that a new Mums Discussion Group will be starting in St John's Woking on 18th sept and is free to any local Mum who has recently had a baby and want to get out and meet others. The course is held in a new purpose built building with baby changing facilities and refreshments and a buggy park. There is plenty of off street parking and is within easy walking distance of St John's and knaphill.

I have had several years experience as a discussion group facilitator for new Mums and have witnessed its many benefits in helping new Mums get out the house, meet other mothers, find out they are not alone in some of the difficulties they face and even in helping prevent or reduce post-natal depression.

Please go to www.fit2drop.net  for further details. Book early as places are limited !