Thursday 27 November 2014

Midwife run Hypnobirthing classes in Woking surrey

I an looking for clients to fill my January course so if you are 20 weeks or more and want a class on Sunday / Monday evenings in January / early feb then please contact me This is the Katharine a Graves method but I am also familiar with the Mongan method. Course price £250. Early bird receives the book and CD for free in time for Christmas. ( must book by 17th Dec)

Monday 10 November 2014

Bookings now being taken for January Hypnobirthing Classes !

What an excellent idea for a Christmas gift ! Book your pregnant friend/ daughter/ relative on a Hypnobirthing course with and you are giving the gift of a better birth for her, her partner and her baby so its 3 presents in one !!! Early Bird discounts of £20 if the full course price is paid before Christmas. Course fee includes the Katharine Graves book and CD which can be posted to the recipient in time for Christmas. If Woking is not your area but you want a course in your home then I can arrange a Skype discussion with both of us in our own homes at a mutually convenient time. Or I offer bespoke classes for those short on time or who just want a refresher in their own homes without the need for a babysitter.
Further details on my website....

Tuesday 4 November 2014

hypnobirthing and baby massage in woking surrey with

Friday 17 October 2014

hypnobirthing with fit2drop at £150 and you can be like a celebrity !

Atomic Kitten Natasha Hamilton raves about hypnobirthing for the birth of her 1st child it was announced this week ! sign up for a course with www.fit2drop and you too could be like a celebrity at a fraction of the cost !! next course starting 16th Nov. Bookings now being taken for future courses in the New year.

Sunday 12 October 2014

Succesful Normal Birth after 2 previous Cesareans with HypnoBirthing

Read this wonderful birth story from one of my recent Mums who attended a Hypnobirthing course with She had had 2 previous children but both unfortunately born not according to plan but by C.Section.This time she really wanted to achieve her dream of a vaginal birth and against the odds SHE DID IT !!! I am so proud that I helped in a small way to achieve this.... read on........

Just to let you know we had our baby on Sunday 28th 8lb 9oz. Contractions started Saturday night at 3ish in the morning. Were quite regular until I got up then were quite irregular all day so I rested up and didn't do a whole lot.
At about 11pm things suddenly got more regular. I stayed at home listening to the hypno CDs until about 2 in the morning and then went in. 

I was 6cm at about 3am. After four hours still at 6 which was so disappointing. Luckily we had a shift change and had quite a radical midwife who also used to teach hypno birthing.

They were really respectful of my wishes. I had cannula in my arm rather than hand. They left waters breaking until no progress, they let me have the wireless monitor clipped to baby's head once waters broken. 
The midwife kept the consultant out of the room, was a little flexible with the truth and only got him in when really necessary. 
I managed to finally get fully dilated which we really didn't think would happen as it was really looking like my 2nd child's birth with the lip being there and not budging. After about an hour pushing on the bed then stool it wasn't happening as for the third time baby was back to back. They decided to go to theatre for forceps. Luckily the forceps guided the baby out with very little turning as she had managed to turn a bit during the pushing. I had a fairly small cut.
So 18 hours from when contractions kicked off properly and assisted but no section. I was so overjoyed and it is so great to be able to walk around holding the baby and although in pain and discomfort hopefully it won't be anywhere near the length of time of the sections.
My partner and the midwives really noticed my breathing being really good and we did have hours of the positive affirmations going on which really did help to keep me focused. 'Brian' did a lot to negotiate as well thanks to your advice and info. Thanks so much for helping us achieve this!

Tuesday 16 September 2014

why choose HypnoBirthing ?

A 10 hour Course with is now offered at £150 - cheaper than other birthing programmes eg NCT and covering far more content than NHS classes. (generally 3-5 hours in total) The minimum number per group is 4 couples thus providing similar networking opportunities with other local like-minded people to support you during your parenting journey. I also run post-natal support groups, exercise classes and baby massage classes to encourage clients to meet up after the birth. This has been shown to reduce the occurrence of post-natal depression.

As summized by a recent study in Hypnobirthing in Australia  (Phillips-Moore 2012) :

  • Hypnobirthing is a natural alternative way of approaching the later stages of pregnancy and birth and is steadily increasing in popularity.
  • To a large extent, western civilization and culture have influenced the way a woman thinks of childbirth and because of this, fear and anxiety concerning labour were introduced.
  • The fear of birth is reduced by explaining the birth process to the woman and teaching her how to work with her body. The mother-to-be is trained in mental rehearsal and imagery to prepare for the labour and birth, and is taught self-hypnosis and relaxation as well as breathing techniques to assist in the birthing process
  • Her study of women who had taken a Hypnobirthing course demonstrated a reduction in pain or discomfort during birth, a reduction in pain medication, shorter labours, fewer c.sections, high apgar scores (condition of the baby at birth) and less post-natal depression.
  • The majority of her women reported feeling more confident, relaxed, less fearful, focused and more in control. They also commented on the ease and comfort of labour and birth, and the satisfaction of having their partners involved and supportive.
My courses are fun, informative ( I have been a midwife for 23 years) interactive and affordable. There are payment schemes to spread out payments, reductions for introducing other couples who sign up, or for hosting sessions at week-ends ( when my home is full of teens !) Sessions are flexible and planned around the group's needs ie start /end times, avoiding weeks when couples are on holiday, no set week day eves etc

Please contact me for further details or 07878549941

Friday 5 September 2014

new low cost Hypnobirthing classes this Autumn

I have decided to reduce the price of my group HypnoBirthing classes til December as a special promotion so long as 4 couples apply. For ONLY £150 ( normally £250) you get a full 4 week course of Katharine Graves Hypnobirthing held on week day nights (sun, mon, tues or thurs- whichever suits group members) in my home in Bisley, Woking Surrey. (close to junction 3 of the M3 so easy distance from the M3 corridor west Berkshire and West Surrey)

Classes may be taken any time after the 20 week scan but preferrably started by 34 weeks
Further details can be found on my

Tuesday 2 September 2014

new class for mums starting in Woking Surrey in september

I am proud to announce that a new Mums Discussion Group will be starting in St John's Woking on 18th sept and is free to any local Mum who has recently had a baby and want to get out and meet others. The course is held in a new purpose built building with baby changing facilities and refreshments and a buggy park. There is plenty of off street parking and is within easy walking distance of St John's and knaphill.

I have had several years experience as a discussion group facilitator for new Mums and have witnessed its many benefits in helping new Mums get out the house, meet other mothers, find out they are not alone in some of the difficulties they face and even in helping prevent or reduce post-natal depression.

Please go to  for further details. Book early as places are limited !

Tuesday 15 July 2014

New HypnoBirthing course

Am so excited to be starting a new course of HypnoBirthing in Woking this thursday evening 17.07.14
I haven't taught a group course in over a year due to time restraints, but having given up my NHS work I'm now venturing back out into the world of self- employment and loving it !!
contact me at for details of future classes.

Friday 30 May 2014

Had a great review from a satisfied customer - "2 perfect births and Mandy to thank. she is a superb teacher and a confidence-inspiration."
I have such a rewarding job ! please if you want to find out more.

Saturday 24 May 2014

Please read this inspiring Birth story from one of my students attending my classes at
 I was due to give birth around the 25th of August and we had chosen to give birth in Royal Berks, like we did for our daughter 3 years ago. On the 10th, as I was starting to prepare food for my husband Andy's birthday, I started to feel tensions in my tummy, it must have been 2pm. I first thought I had caught a bug but when the tension came and went regularly I started to wonder. My daughter was home with me but my husband was at work. I called him to let him know that I thought I was in labour, so he left work (in London.. We live in Berkshire). I called my mother in law too as she lives nearby and she came over within minutes.
 The surges started to get stronger and closer but were not really regular, so it was hard to see how far gone I was. With my daughter panicking to see me breathing differently, my mother in law trying to calm her down and my teenage nephew who happened to be on holiday at my MIL at the time, I found it hard to relax but the surge breathing helped me greatly nonetheless. 
 When I thought the surges were 15 minutes apart I called Royal Berks to let them know that we would be over soon (my husband wasn't home yet) and they told me that they couldn't take me in because the maternity ward was closed. I then asked if I could go to Heatherwood, but I was told that I wouldn't be taken there either as Wexham Park was also full. Then the lady said that she would check with Frimley Park and would call me back within the hour. I must admit that at that stage I panicked and forgot all about hypnobirthing. Thankfully that's exactly when Andy came home. He took over everything, grabbed my bag and started to organise our departure. Royal Berks called back within minutes to confirm that Frimley Park was ok to assess me. So off we went.
 We dropped my daughter and the others off at my mother in law's and went on our way. Andy was brilliant, all the time calming me down and reminding me about the breathing, reminding me not to look at the traffic and to close my eyes and concentrate on the breathing. Looking back, I should have kept a copy of the hypnobirthing CD in the car as it would have helped me further. 
 We eventually made it to the hospital in Frimley, I was assessed straight away (when we eventually found the maternity ward) and they told me I was 7cm dilated. 
 That's when Andy took the music out. The second it started to play, I felt myself relax and got back into control quickly. By then the surges were coming fast but I was keeping on top of them. All afternoon I'd been standing during the surges, but when they asked me to lie down to assess me, I couldn't believe how much stronger the surges felt, they were much much harder to breathe through. As soon as I stood up again, the surges were much easier to deal with.
 As I was settling myself down on my knees, rocking on a birthing ball (very comfortable at that stage, time was about 6.30pm I think), the midwife told me that the pool was available if I wanted to use it. I'd never considered having a water birth only because I was afraid to be disappointed on the day if someone was already in there, so when she offered, I gladly said yes straight away. She went to prepare the pool and left me with the birthing ball for a few minutes. When she came back to advise me to go to the loo before getting in the pool, I had to ask Andy to help me go there, the surges were getting strong. 
 I made it to the side of the pool just as I started to push. One strong push. I managed somehow to climb into the pool and was kneeling down in the water when I pushed again, and I felt the baby's head come out! I only had time to make myself a little bit more comfortable in the water (still kneeling), and I pushed again, and our son Luke came out. The midwife barely had time to roll her sleeves to catch him.
 I cried with relief and joy. They left us both in the water for a long while, with Luke on my chest for a lovely first cuddle. So at the end, he was born 3 full weeks early on his Dad's birthday. 
 I never had a chance to try the third stage breathing techniques but the surge breathing helped me greatly and made the surges so much shorter and easier to deal with. 
 This was a magical experience, despite all the stress at home before we left and I will recommend Hypnobirthing to all my friends.
 Andy and I are thanking you with all our heart for your class and advice. Luke is settling down well and has started smiling. He's now 2 months old and already knows what he wants. He is truly lovely and he likes to look at his sister making silly faces for him :-) 

Monday 19 May 2014

Read this great review of my courses!

From Emma in Woking
Mandy's hypno birthing session was fantastic. I was very nervous (scared) about giving birth. My mum suggested to try something like this to help my confidence and comfort me. So got in contact with Mandy and started the sessions. I took so much from it and had the most amazing experience through labour which I know Iwouldn't have been able to do without her guidance and support. Hypno birthing was for me just to build confidence, take only what you need from it, there was no pressure to follow it step by step. Mandy was very open to helping each mum/ couple on their own journey. Which gave me so much confidence that I wasn't scared I was aware what might happen and was able to deal with it through the hypno birthing strategies. Thank you Mandy for an amazing experience, I recommend this to all my friends."

Tuesday 13 May 2014

NHS push for Home Birth and Midwife Led Units !!

Check out this very exciting breaking news taken from the BBC website- this comes a week after my local hospital Asford and St Peters NHS trust opens a Midwife Led Unit called The Abbey Birth Centre.

for more info go to

Saturday 10 May 2014


I have been teaching HypnoBirthing since December 2008. I am passionate about this philosophy and method of childbirth though unfortunately not through personal experience ( it wasn't heard of in this country when my own children were born) but through my work as a midwife I have witnessed its many benefits.

HypnoBirthing teaches you the art of using your own natural birthing instincts. With HypnoBirthing, you will not be in a trance or a sleep state. You will be aware and fully in control, but profoundly relaxed. 

Through my classes you will learn the techniques for achieving a satisfying, relaxing and stress free method of birthing. You will learn how to make your body  release endorphins (a natural relaxant similar to morphine) and thus lessen or even eliminate the need for medication.

It is fear that causes pain and tension in childbirth. Through self hypnosis, special breathing and visualization HypnoBirthing teaches you to release all prior programming about birth, how to trust your body and work with it and how to free yourself of harmful emotions that lead to this pain-causing fear and unyielding muscles.

You will be fascinated as you view HypnoBirthing films, showing labouring mothers,awake,alert and in good humour as they experience the kind of gentle birth that you too can know when you are free of the fear that causes pain and tension.

 The course is run over four classes held on midweek nights and/or at weekends depending upon couples' needs. It is helpful to have completed the class when you still have a month to go. In special circumstances classes can be held over a weekend for example when time is of an essence but this is by no means ideal. The most benefit is to be gained when there is a chance in between classes for couples to practice and iron out any difficulties with techniques at the next class. The earliest I would recommend is after your 20 week scan. I offer follow-up support over the phone and via email for all my couples paying for a full course and always enjoy visiting the new family after the birth and to hear all about it! I'm sure that when I'm having a cuddle with the newborn that they recognize the sound of my voice! I particularly enjoy hearing news and to see photos of my HypnoBabies many months later.


If you want to see some amazing HypnoBirths then check some of these out on youtube:

I have also tweeted some recently that I found interesting, follow me on @Fit2Drop_UK

You can also find me on Facebook: 

Or my website: 

Thursday 8 May 2014

Why go to Birth Preparation Classes?

Expecting a baby can be exciting, often confusing and sometimes stressful time for a pregnant woman, her partner and family. Being able to talk about any concerns, ask questions and find solutions in the company of others going through the same experience can be really helpful. Finding out what is likely to happen during the birth and in the immediate weeks following delivery can really boost your confidence and help you to embrace the process of becoming parents. My antenatal classes are designed with these things in mind.
Antenatal classes not only help you focus on your pregnancy and forthcoming labour and birth, but they also have important social function - they're a great place to meet other parents-to-be. For many women becoming a mother can be a very isolating experience, especially today when women work so late in pregnancy, some may not even have any social contact with neighbours. It is so important to have a support network of others going through exactly the same experiences and this is also a factor in preventing post-natal depression . A condition which affects more than 10% of women. For this reason I try to place couples into groups where they will meet other local parents expecting a baby in roughly the same month.
It is also helpful to have continued support in the post-natal period from a parentcraft teacher in your own home. This can take the form of telephone or email consultation or a home visit. I offer this support to help new parents cope with the physical aspects of recovering from the birth, advice on baby care and support to establish breastfeeding and routines.