Friday 17 October 2014

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Sunday 12 October 2014

Succesful Normal Birth after 2 previous Cesareans with HypnoBirthing

Read this wonderful birth story from one of my recent Mums who attended a Hypnobirthing course with She had had 2 previous children but both unfortunately born not according to plan but by C.Section.This time she really wanted to achieve her dream of a vaginal birth and against the odds SHE DID IT !!! I am so proud that I helped in a small way to achieve this.... read on........

Just to let you know we had our baby on Sunday 28th 8lb 9oz. Contractions started Saturday night at 3ish in the morning. Were quite regular until I got up then were quite irregular all day so I rested up and didn't do a whole lot.
At about 11pm things suddenly got more regular. I stayed at home listening to the hypno CDs until about 2 in the morning and then went in. 

I was 6cm at about 3am. After four hours still at 6 which was so disappointing. Luckily we had a shift change and had quite a radical midwife who also used to teach hypno birthing.

They were really respectful of my wishes. I had cannula in my arm rather than hand. They left waters breaking until no progress, they let me have the wireless monitor clipped to baby's head once waters broken. 
The midwife kept the consultant out of the room, was a little flexible with the truth and only got him in when really necessary. 
I managed to finally get fully dilated which we really didn't think would happen as it was really looking like my 2nd child's birth with the lip being there and not budging. After about an hour pushing on the bed then stool it wasn't happening as for the third time baby was back to back. They decided to go to theatre for forceps. Luckily the forceps guided the baby out with very little turning as she had managed to turn a bit during the pushing. I had a fairly small cut.
So 18 hours from when contractions kicked off properly and assisted but no section. I was so overjoyed and it is so great to be able to walk around holding the baby and although in pain and discomfort hopefully it won't be anywhere near the length of time of the sections.
My partner and the midwives really noticed my breathing being really good and we did have hours of the positive affirmations going on which really did help to keep me focused. 'Brian' did a lot to negotiate as well thanks to your advice and info. Thanks so much for helping us achieve this!