Wednesday 18 January 2017

post dates pregnancy massage success

Delighted to announce that the last 2 massage clients have gone into labour less than 24 hours later and have both had normal births within 36 hrs.
With rising Induction rates and its associated increased Caesarean rates, many women are looking for natural measures to encourage baby to make an appearance. Holistic massage can help a Mum feel relaxed and nurtured and this in turn can raise levels of the hormone oxytocin- high levels of which  are required to initiate labour. I am a retired midwife specialising in pregnancy aromatherapy massage offering mobile treatments or in my own home. I also have a qualification in maternity reflex zone therapy so I incorporate some techniques plus the use of certain essential oils when massaging women in their 40th and 41st week.
Treatments start from £30 for an hour though I recommend 75-90 mins for a full body massage. Ideally labour priming should start a few weeks earlier with weekly massages during maternity leave until baby arrives. It may be helpful to have a session with Dad present so he can be taught some pain relieving techniques for labour.
A post-natal massage may also be beneficial in the early days/weeks and being able to lie face down now is an advantage. I am happy to provide treatments in your home or mine with baby present but you may get more of a relaxing treatment if someone else is available to comfort the baby.

Monday 16 January 2017

succesful Hypnobirth story

Join a group hypnobirthing course at my house in Woking and you too could have a birth story like this....
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Hi Mandy,
Just wanted to say a massive thank you for everything you taught us.Baby J was finally born 12 days late and I couldn't have asked for a better birth!
I had a sweep at 8 days late which was unsuccessful so was booked in to be induced at 7:30 Wednesday morning. Surges started at 6:30 that morning, very mild so thought  it was probably just hopeful thinking. So went in for my appointment and was 3cm. They still wanted to induce me or at least break my waters but I asked to wait so they monitored me.. I was having surges lasting over a minute every 3 minutes and was calmly focusing on my up breathing and was quite happy to chat and relax, they couldn't understand why I was so calm! So went for a walk and the surges got stronger. They offered me gas and air which I tried a few times but didn't really like.. I felt the breathing was a lot more effective and I was soon making cow noises! K was very supportive and was using light touch on my arms and constantly reminding me to slow down my breathing. At about 1:00 I did crack and asked for an epidural! They said by the sound of me it was too late but I managed to stay still and they gave me a little bit so I could still move around and feel everything. At this point I was 9cm and soon felt the urge to push which I tried to hold off as long as possible and focused on the visualizations and down breathing.
J was born at 2:39 (head and body in one push!) with no tearing or forceps! He was 7.13lbs. Placenta followed while we cuddled and he took to feeding straight away.
I am so pleased with the whole experience and felt so relaxed and in control all the way through, I can't thank you enough for the help, techniques and confidence you gave us.
Although I didn't have time for music or scripts, the confidence and calmness I felt in itself was invaluable.
Now enjoying cuddles at home and am so in love with our new bundle of joy!
Thank you Mandy!!!